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Change Manager

Embarcadero® DB Change Manager™ XE helps database administrators and developers:

  • Simplify, automate, and report on database changes
  • Streamline development cycles
  • Ensure availability, performance, and compliance

The XE family of products offer unique benefits at the most competitive price that you simply won't find in any other database change management solution:

  • True heterogeneous tool supporting all DBMSes from a single interface, included in one product, one price, one license
  • Run tools without installing locally; avoid conflicts when running multiple versions with Embarcadero® InstantOn™
  • Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero® ToolCloud™

DB Change Manager XE’s compare, synchronization, and auditing capabilities let you track and report on changes, roll out new releases, and pinpoint performance problems resulting from changes in data, schema and database configuration. By comparing a live database to a schema or configuration “snapshot” administrators can quickly identify changes and correct problems. And by monitoring configuration settings, DBAs can ensure compliance with regulatory policies and performance standards, and maintain overall database performance.

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Key Features

  • Heterogeneous tool, supporting all databases from a single interface
  • Centralized license management and tool deployment with Embarcadero ToolCloud
  • Schema “archive” capture, compare and synchronization
  • Data compare and synchronization with custom mapping features
  • Archive and compare database configuration settings
  • Advanced alter script generation; handles object dependencies and preserves data
  • Source Code Control (SCC) Integration
  • Command-line API for scheduling jobs and event notification
  • Data masking with shuffling and randomization

Feature Highlights

Schema Compare and Sync

  • Live to live, live to archive, archive to archive and one-to-many compare
  • Advanced alter generation
  • Cross DBMS schema compare and sync

Monitor Configuration Standards

  • Define expected database configuration values and ranges, and then run a comparison job to check for compliance.

Data Compare and Sync

  • Compare test or reference data between tables or across entire schema
  • Report on differences and synchronize changes


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